Living Art, Bulb Planning and Treefest!


Last year I planted a sapling Coral Bark Maple inside this hollowed Cedar stump. It was a tiny little thing, standing no more than 2 inches tall. I picked it up at the Riverview Treefest in 2007. After a year of indecisiveness, I finally got my courage together to complete my vision for that stump. So last fall I dug out the hollow in that stump and planted the Maple for some serious tree inside tree action.
I followed it up that fall by planting some Muscari around the rim of the stump. Which looked fantastic last spring!
This fall I’ll add some Narcissus closer to the centre of the stump, surrounding the tree. Just to give it a little more height in spring, when the tree is still mostly bare of leaves.
Celebrating her second year with me, and her first year in stump, she has fared well. Stretched out her limbs and is already putting on hints of the spectacular fall shows to come!
The 17th annual Treefest is on tomorrow between 11am-4pm on the Riverview grounds in Coquitlam. This free event has something for the whole family. Master Gardeners will be on site to answer your questions. There will be guided tree walks and a Heritage stroll with historian Donald Luxton. There are so many beautiful varieties of tree’s on the Riverview grounds, but it’s also worth a peek at the building. Some fantastic heritage buildings dot Riverview’s landscape.

If your stopping by, don’t forget to check out their plant sale! This little Coral bark Maple was exactly what I had been looking for and had cost me a mere dollar. Money well spent!


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5 comments on “Living Art, Bulb Planning and Treefest!

  1. Marguerite on said:

    I love when stumps are used in the landscape instead of removed. Great idea planting a tree within a tree. A real circle of life idea.

  2. We had a large maple taken down from the centre of our front yard years ago. After about 2 years when we looked out the front window we could see what looked like a giant dark green spider in the regular green lawn as the roots finally rotted away underground enough and fertilized the grass above it. It was cool while it lasted. What a pretty little maple you have planted.

  3. Stevie from on said:

    that is a really beautiful garden idea to plant a stump like that. I may just borrow it.

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