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The Northwest Flower & Garden show was packed full of amazing gardens, and inspirational ideas. I took an astounding amount of pictures as I walked the convention center. Let me say that this was my first time to this show. It is the 2nd largest flower & garden show in North America, I was completely blown away by what it had to offer!

Looking through the pages of photo’s, I ‘ve done a little bit of categorizing. I will be breaking up the event into sections, and phasing in the posts throughout this week. So prepare to take a walk through the show with me.

Where to start? The container gardens`on the   really drew my attention. I loved the skill and variety of all of the presentation. These were a few of my favorite plantings that the show had to offer!

Sensational Succulents!

The displays really utilized their limited space. Some by packing in the plants, others with their use of vertical space. Each had a unique take on small space gardening.

A lovely spot for a good book.

Utilizing the unexpected in you plantings. Always a good conversation starter.

Pots can house so much more than simply plants. Many can become their own habitat.

This display was the winner of the container display competition. This display used a variety of techniques to utilize their whole space.

The use of the vertical space. Bringing warmth and life to an otherwise cold cement wall.

My personal favorite display on the sky bridge was unexpected to say the least. It tickled a childhood fantasy. Working through the miniature garden concept, this one incorporates the whimsy of a Barbie dream world.

Barbie's dream garden!

That Barbie, she's always up for a garden party!

Elsewhere in the gardens, a miniature set of Eat Love Pray, amuses and dazzled those who pass by!

Never underestimate the impact of creativity in small spaces!


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17 comments on “NWFGS: Container Contents

  1. Joyce Pinson on said:

    Enjoyed this look at container gardening. Looking forward to seeing more posts from the show! Thanks for sharing.

    • They were really unique pots! From one display to the next, so diverse! I definitely got some inspiration for spring. My daughter wants a miniature garden now! 🙂

  2. Marguerite on said:

    I really love that round bowl featuring the water display. I don’t think I have the energy to deal with a proper pond on my property but one day I think I’d like to put a small water feature like this.

  3. Heather on said:

    I’ve been to the show once years and years ago. It’s is definatly an amazing experience, a little information overload. I find you leave with your head spinning with all the good ideas. I absolutely love the Barbie garden. Couldn’t you just imagine yourself sitting at the picnic table underneath the pink azalea tree, hey Ken, pass the chips, love it. Looking forward to your next post about the show.

    • Laura on said:

      It was my first time! I was mind blown with how large it was. My legs ached at the end of the day from running between the different buildings, and down to the seminars! Phewph! Fun, but exhausting!

  4. Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves on said:

    LOVE the Barbie one! I’m actually quite a fan of unique container gardening. It always seems like a tiny little world, and I kind of have a thing for “big things” made miniature.

  5. Stevie on said:

    I’m envious of your trip – but thanks for posting about as it’s nice to see some of what I missed. Glad you had a good time!

    • Laura on said:

      It was a nice break from my usual days! Michael and I had a good time! Check out my more recent post! I went photo crazy at the show. I’m not done yet!

  6. Andrea on said:

    Great photos, Laura! I loved the container gardens, too – so much inspiration! The succulent one was my fave.

    Great to meet you at the show! Thanks for your support. It was an honour to sign your book.

    • Laura on said:

      I loved the succulent garden! I’ve had them on the brain ever since Friday. Conveniently Costco had a trio of lovely potted ones on for a wicked deal today. They may have followed me home 😉

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  8. Bren on said:

    I just loved the container gardens at the NWFGS. You have some wonderful images from the sky-walk. It was also a pleasure meeting one of my favorite twitter friends!

    • Laura on said:

      It was so great to meet you Bren! Your a very warm person! I felt instantly comfortable when I met you. The next time we cross path we should do coffee! Thanks for visiting my blog!

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