NWFGS: Paradise (to be) Regained – …borrowing Thoreau


One of the most unique gardens I came across at the Northwest Flower & Garden Show last week in Seattle, was  the Gold prize winner. Designed by 17 year old Courtney Goetz of Creative Gardener, Paradise (to be) Regained-…borrowing Thoreau, was a fresh take on sustainable living. A welcome reminder of how beauty can be found in the most unusual places as we head into spring.

Courtney Goetz

The inspiration sprung as part of a high school senior project. From there the design blossomed, realizing the idea that every person can make a difference. That change can be beautiful. Bringing wonder to ordinary objects, in a playful yet elegant way. Everyday items are re purposed with flare and a shockingly awesome amount of purple! 

****Full disclaimer, I am a HUGE purple lover!****

But it wasn’t just awesome plants and wicked colours. This garden was steeped in sustainability. From the cargo container turned garden shed, to the re purposed radiator/fencing that welcomed you at the entrance to the garden. Capped in pillars of recycled water bottles, this exhibit took the three R’s very seriously!

This garden used full sun, low maintenance drought tolerant plants like; Fesctuca glauca Fescue, assorted Euphorbia, Cistus, Ceanothus thyrsiflorus, E. cinerea, Grevillea victoriae, J. scopulorum Juniper, Lavandula stoechas Lavender, R. officinalis Rosemary, assorted sedums & sempervivums, Senecio greyi, and an assortment of Thyme.

Her message is resonating. Courtney’s  garden inspires. A trip to the thrift store might be in order, or possible just a poke around my garage.

****Stay tuned for my favorite images from the rest of the show gardens on tomorrows Wordless Wednesday!****


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    This is outstanding!

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